Areas of law

Business law

Commercial law regulates the legal relations of those involved in economic life with each other and their relationship with the State. As a commercial law firm, we advise, support and support you competently and with commitment in all matters relating to commercial and corporate law, business acquisition, business sale, competition law, antitrust law, trademark law and copyright law.

Procedural law

Procedural law covers all legal norms governing state proceedings and is divided into two main areas of procedural law and administrative procedure law. Against the background of our many years of experience and our wide-ranging legal competences, we take over your legal representation, support you in arbitration proceedings and at the same time be the contact person for mediation.


In Germany, inheritance law regulates the transfer of the assets of a deceased person to one or more persons. We advise and support our clients in the drafting of their wills, in all matters relating to the succession of companies and in the context of the execution of the will.

Labour law

Labour law deals with all the regulations and laws governing employment. In this area of law, we are available to you both in individual labour law (legal relationship between employees and employers) and in collective labour law (legal relationship between employee and employer representatives).

Tax law

Tax law covers all the rules and regulations relating to the determination and collection of taxes. Our specialist lawyers for tax law support you with all questions concerning income tax law, corporate tax law, business tax law and the tax code.

Banking and capital markets law

Banking and capital markets law regulates business links between banks and customers, lending, payment transactions and securities trading. Our law firm advises and supports you in all legal matters relating to banking law, stock exchange law, stock law, investment law, grey capital market and bond restructuring.

Transport law

Transport law deals with all regulations, laws and regulations governing the national and international transport of goods. In this area of law, we are available to our clients for all questions and concerns regarding transport insurance, transport damage, air freight, inland waterway transport law, maritime law and road transport law.

Intellectual property protection

Industrial property protection, also known as the Green Area, deals in the strict sense with the protection of commercially exploitable, technical and aesthetic services as well as the protection of commercial labelling rights (industrial property rights). In a broader sense, this also includes copyright. Important areas are trademark law and patent and design law. Trademark law deals with the laws and regulations for the protection of product names in the course of trade and is an integral part of the trademark law. For our clients, we deal with injunction proceedings, trademark applications, protection documents and warnings. Patent and design law protects inventions that are industrially applicable from counterfeiting and unauthorized use. Our law firm deals with the protection of technical inventions and industrial designs, supports clients in the labelling of goods or services and advises on the areas of Community trade mark law and Common utility model law.

Competition law

Competition law deals with provisions and laws relating to state interference in the promotion of free competition and also includes the right against restrictions of competition and unfair competition. In this area of law, we are available to our clients in all questions and concerns regarding antitrust law, law against unfair competition, trademark law, law against restrictions of competition, procurement law and price information ordinance.


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