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v. Woedtke: A strong partner in the banking and capital markets

Our specialist banking and finance lawyers  advise, support, and assist clients with all questions relating to the areas of banking and capital markets, supervision of banking and regulation, financial services and capital markets law.

Years of experience, proven expertise and regular training makes us a strong, reliable and committed partner for: banks, investment advisors, financial intermediaries, financial service providers and financial advisers, investment companies, brokers, asset managers,  securities providers and of course also for private investors.

Related areas of law

As the financial services sector is one of the most regulated sectors of the economy, many different areas of Law are covered by our Banking and Finance department. Among other things, our lawyers deal with:

  • Banking and Regulation
  • E-Banking
  • Retail Banking
  • Securities Supervision Law
  • Foreign Trade Legislation
  • Financing Law
  • Credit Law
  • Leasing Law
  • Franchise Law
  • Company Law

In addition, our specialist lawyers have extensive expertise in the areas of:

  • Compliance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment Funds
  • M&A
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital

We assist our clients in the authorization and establishment of financial institutions, the opening of branches, the collection and extension of approvals, and completion of regulatory obligations.

Our activity also includes the preparation and review of loan and other commercial contracts, consultation regarding the law regulating loan securities, and their provision in terms of liquidity and equity capital.

In addition, we are the right partner in all legal matters relating to the topics of: online banking, securities trading, asset management, and investment counseling. 

Also, advising clients in relation to their own IPO, legal due diligence, the creation of securities’ prospectus or the prospectus liability – falls under the remit of our Banking and Finance department.

In the interest of our clients, consultations are closely coordinated with our other departments. So we can guarantee a comprehensive approach, which takes all your interests into account.


v. Woedtke: Reliable legal advice on Real Estate and Construction Law

The Real Estate and Construction department specializes in all legal matters affecting the real estate industry, covering the entire life cycle of real estate matters, and takes both property and construction law into account.

Our clients in this field include architects, project development and housing companies, investors, asset management companies, investment companies, banks, insurance companies, and public agencies, as well as private developers and property owners.

Related areas of law

Our specialist lawyers deal with a variety of legal areas. These include, among others:

  • Private Construction Law
  • Architectural Law
  • Land Law
  • Building Contract Law
  • Brokerage Law
  • Commercial Landlord and Tenant Law
  • Law of Lease
  • Residential Property Law
  • Foreclosure Law
  • Compulsory Execution of Documents Legislation

To ensure optimal support for our clients, our Real Estate and Construction lawyers regularly participate in continuing education and training.

The Real Estate and Construction department focuses strongly on  private, public and commercial real estate transactions of all kinds, as well as the support of national and international construction projects. 

In addition, we advise our clients on all questions regarding investor models, public-private partnerships, asset management, tendering of services and facilities, as well as property management.

We are also available for our clients as a supportive partner in conducting mediation.  


v. Woedtke: experience and expertise in Commercial Law and Company Law

Commercial and trade law applies both to companies and to craftsmen, industrial companies and other sectors of the economy. Our Commercial legal department is primarily responsible for representing the interests of merchants, trading companies and commercial agents, online retailers, Internet companies and other economic actors.

We have a distinct expertise in the steel and metal sectors, and wholesale and foreign trade.

Related areas of law

Our specialist lawyers deal, in the interest of our clients, among others, with the topics and areas of:

  • Commercial purchase contracts
  • Agencies, franchise and other distribution rights
  • Establishment of unincorporated and incorporated companies
  • Agency Law
  • Employment Law
  • Restructuring of companies
  • Purchase and sale of businesses and business interests (M&A)
  • Check and exchange right
  • Procurement, trading authorization and apparent authority
  • Commission business
  • Haulage, freight, and storage-business. 
  • Matters of commercial registry
  • General Terms and Conditions
  • Financial reporting
  • Tax Law
  • International Trade Law, such as INCOTERMS, CISG, Rome I and II
  • Insolvency Law

We will advise you in all contractual matters, assist you in all matters of company succession, conversion, purchase and sale of companies, purchase and sale of company shares and corporate shares, as well as reorganization and restructuring.

The commercial department supports its clients in close consultation with tax advisors and auditors in relation to the ongoing operation of their companies, and is able to take over the client’s entire procedural representation in Commercial and Company Law.


v. Woedtke: Your source for Media and Copyright Law

Hardly any area of law has changed and expanded so much over the past few years as Media Law. The ongoing digitization of society and the continuous development of new technologies are still far from reaching their peak. The Media and Technology department meets the demanding task of staying up to date in this highly innovative field of law and technology.

It advises and represents among others: collective management societies, internet companies, artists, authors, editors, publishers, photographers, designers, graphic designers, journalists and PR agencies.

Related areas of law

Due to the very broad application of the issues involved the Media and Technology department deals with a variety of legal areas. These include, among others:

  • Competition Law
  • IT Law
  • Privacy Law
  • Copyright and Publishing Law
  • Internet Law
  • License Law
  • Brands and Labeling Law
  • Patent Law
  • Pharmaceutical Law
  • Press and Expression Law
  • Plant Variety Law
  • Sports Law
  • Art Law
  • Telecommunications Law

In the area of Media and Copyright Law, we advise and assist our clients in all matters relating to media regulation, media business law, media civil law; media labour law and  media criminal law. 

We deal also with the topics of industrial property law, trademarks and design patents, special property rights, telecommunications, information technology and intellectual property.

In the area of IT Law, we will support you in all matters of e-commerce, and we will guide you through projects involving outsourcing and technology-related transactions.  


v. Woedtke: A competent companion in Healthcare and Medical Law

The modern healthcare system and its many facilities, as well as the institutions and facilities in the life sciences sector, are faced with a variety of legal and regulatory requirements today.

Our Healthcare and Life Science department has specialized primarily in consultation and support for health care organizations, care providers, pharmaceutical companies, public and private hospitals, medical offices, research centers and institutes. In this complex area, we work closely with our other departments, in an interdisciplinary manner.

Related areas of law

Our lawyers are specialized in the following areas of law:

  • health care law
  • medical law
  • dentistry law
  • hospital law
  • pharmacy law
  • pharmaceutical law

The Healthcare and Life Science department supports our clients in: the purchase and sale or the restructuring of hospitals and doctors’ offices, accompanies the establishment of collaborations and represents you in the areas of Drug and Medical Devices Law, among other things.

In addition we are available as a competent and committed partner for all questions of human resources and will advise you regarding specific legal issues which arise from professional discipline and public medical procurement law. Furthermore our Healthcare and Life Science department is an experienced partner in matters of hospital financing.  


v. Woedtke: Expertise and experience in Transport, Logistics, and Maritime Law

The Competence Center Transportation and Logistics is characterized mainly by its long experience and its international orientation.

The focus of our work is thoroughly comprehensive and sector-specified counseling of our clients, which include transport and logistics companies, freight forwarders, shipping companies, fund management companies, port terminals, shipping companies, logistics companies, and cargo-handling companies, authorities, railway companies and private investors.

Related areas of law

Our specialist lawyers deal with a wide range of legal areas for the optimal representation of our clients. These include, among others: 

  • Transportation Law
  • Shipping Law
  • Transportation Insurance Law
  • Maritime Law
  • Logistics Law
  • Warehouse Law
  • Inland Waterway Law
  • Maritime Contract Law
  • Maritime Society Law
  • Maritime Labour Law
  • Ship Construction Law
  • Customs Law
  • Environmental Law

We support our clients in the planning and implementation of infrastructure projects and deal in detail with the public funding of transport investment, public procurement and privatization of tasks in the transport sector.

In addition, we are available as a consultant in all matters concerning transport, shipping and logistics. We also assist you in the purchase and sale of ships and ship financing, and are committed in shipping litigation, including arrest.