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Corporate & Commercial

Company and commercial law – including contract law – helps regulate legal relationships between business parties in their daily work, their participation in economic life, and their relationship with consumers and the state.

As a business-focused law firm we will advise, attend and accompany you in a competent and dedicated way, answering all your questions about commercial and corporate law, company purchase, company disposals and insolvency law.


Law relating to economic offenses (White Collar Crime)/Compliance 

Compliance with criminal and regulatory laws aimed at business crime has never been more important than now. Laws governing economic crime form a growing body of rules, regulations and laws, all with economic aspects to prosecution and punishment. As experienced specialist lawyers we can assist our clients in matters involving tax and custom offences and on wider bribery and anti-corruption issues of compliance. We can also advise and represent you in general criminal cases.

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution 

Our civil and commercial litigation competences span all relevant German substantive and procedural legal norms, which regulate state procedures. We are equally expert at civil procedural law and administrative procedural law, both in bringing or defending cases, and in case management to trial and appeal.

On the back of many years of experience and our diverse practice competences, we are able to resolve cases for our clients whilst also determining whether ADR (alternative dispute resolution) is suitable, supporting you in any arbitration proceedings and at the same time, acting as contact persons for mediation.



In Germany the law of inheritance regulates the transfer of property of a deceased person to one or more persons. We advise and support our clients with the creation of a last will and testament, as well as advising on all questions about company succession and about the execution of a will and creation of any possible foundations.

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Labour law deals with all regulations and laws relating to collective or individual employment rights, whether domestic or EU in origin, under which employment activities are regulated. In this area of law we are available to give advice on the individual labour law (legal relationships between employees and employers) as well as the collective labour law (legal relationship between representatives of employees (unions or works councils) and employers.

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All businesses have tax issues to deal with. Our experts in tax law are familiar with the relevant German and EU tax regulations and rules, which deal with the determination of and collection of taxes. Our specialist tax lawyers will advise you on all questions about income tax, corporation tax, business tax and the fiscal code.

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English Law/English Desk 

English law significantly differs in many areas from German civil law standards and practices; in the framework of a choice-of-law option in international business relations, English common law is often chosen as a first preference. With our experience and competence we offer you committed representation of your interests according to English law and can comprehensively advise you in this field of justice.

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Dutch Law/Dutch Desk 

We are able to offer you the full range of legal advice and assistance on any Dutch law matters, judicially enforceable legal and social norms anywhere in the Netherlands. With our specialization in the Dutch law and language we offer our clients support and advice on every concern about this jurisdiction. 

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Banking and Finance, Capital Market Law 

Banking, finance, and capital markets law regulates the business connections between banks and customers, the granting of credits, legal issues surrounding payment, transactions and securities trading. It also covers mortgages, loans, and other debt facilities.

Our law firm advises and supports you in all questions of law relating to the areas of banking law, stock exchange law and regulations, stock company law, investment law, as well as dealing with the so-called ‘grey’ capital market as well as restructuring of bonds.

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Transport law and Shipping 

Transport law deals with all regulations and laws, which regulate the national and international transport of goods. In this area of legislation we are available to advise our clients in all questions and matters of transport insurance, transport damages, air freight, water transport law, maritime law and road haulage law. 

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Real Estate 

Businesses requiring assistance on all questions of property law, whether buying, selling, letting, or renting, both commercial and personal property can seek advice from us. We are also expert at questions of mortgage and real estate broking laws (estate agency), planning and zoning laws, building codes, state construction ordinance, and laws for the protection of cultural heritage pertaining to real estate law.

Our specialist lawyers are familiar with all legal questions in matters of private building law, private and commercial landlord and tenant law, residential property law, land registry law as well as land access rights and can facilitate  real estate transactions from first meeting to completion.

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Intellectual Property 

Intellectual property law deals with the protection of industrial property rights, in safeguarding the registration, protection and reproduction of useable technical and aesthetic services, as well as with the protection of commercial identification rights. In a broader sense, this encompasses copyright law in general.

Other important areas are trademark law and patent law as well as design rights. Trademark law deals with the laws and regulations for the protection of product designation in the course of trade and is part of labeling law.

For our clients we deal with injunctive processes, trademark applications, protective letters and warnings. Patent and design law protects industrially applicable innovations from copying and unauthorized usage. Our law firm deals with the protection of technical inventions and industrial designs, supports clients with the identification of goods or services and advises them in all matters relating to the areas of EU community trademark law and community utility model rights.

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Competition Law 

Competition law deals with the legal consequences of EU or state interventions aimed at the promotion of free competition, including laws against restraint of trade and unfair competition.

In this area of law  we are available for our clients to consult on all questions about  antitrust law, law against unfair competition, trade mark law,  law against restraint of trade, procurement law and quotations regulation. 

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